Kashirskaya Plaza, the Multi-Functional Trade Center

As of May 2018 ENKA has completed the construction works of a new multi-functional trade center to provide the city of Moscow with a modern community hub: the Kashirskaya Plaza.

The project comprises a complex that conveniently accommodates public retail, fitness, entertainment and catering amenities, including a hypermarket and a cinema. With a total area of 196,750 m2, the project creates a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood destination that celebrates its existing natural surroundings of waterfronts and landscape. The site’s easy accessibility, connection to local parks and vibrant, visible public spaces ensure plenty of activity and interaction within the project area.

Kapitoliy-Kashirskaya, the former shopping mall with a gross area of 30,038 m2 was built back in 2001 on the same land plot. It was later demolished and replaced by Kashirskaya Plaza, a modern shopping center with a net leasable area of 72,000 m2 and a multi-storey underground car park with a capacity of 1,400 cars. The project is the 2nd re-development Shopping Mall project for ENKA.

While the architectural design of the project was created by Jerde Partnership, the American design architecture and urban planning firm, the detailed working design was drawn up by ENKA’s own design team.

Visitors to the mall encounter architecture featuring clustered masses and extruded facades that invite exploration. Combining warm stone with glass reveals at street level, as well as an atrium and upper levels, the building envelope creates a solid/void experience, offering fleeting glimpses into its interior. Inside, the layers of public space encapsulate a blend of organic inspirations. Defining each major internal hub, the elements of water, air, fire, and earth are colorfully highlighted in four experiential atrium plaza districts.

Set amidst Moscow’s exacting urban geometry, the Kashirskaya Plaza’s landscape breaks away from the city grid to deliver an organic terrain that naturally draws energy from the surrounding communities and luxuriant nature. The nearby river serves as inspiration for the fluid motion juxtaposed against the adjoining, rigid Apple Park grid, and sets the tone of the overall landscape design. The park’s green sprawl extends further into the multi level outdoor social and dining spaces with views across the landscaped areas to the river and beyond.

Kashirskaya Plaza extends the urban vivacity of Moscow as a public destination in a way that boosts future development in the city. This modern community hub is not only an important local amenity for entertainment and commercial attractions, but an economically viable and socially dynamic city space that energizes the evolution of the Moscow region.

Project Description

Kashirskaya Plaza, the Multi-Functional Trade Center

  • Turn-key Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Scope of Work
Turn-key Design, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning, Start-up
Key Quantities
Gross Construction Area196,750 m²
Car Park Area57,680 m²
Bored Piles5,549 m
Jetgrout4,022 m
Anchors13,586 m
Excavation363,668 m³
Concrete127,548 m³
Reinforcement22,424 tons
Structural Steel6,276 tons
Secondary Steel155 tons
Lifts, Escalators, Autowalks66 pcs
Façade60,186 m²
Project Duration
Start Date06.10.2015
Finish Date24.05.2018
Duration32 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation

ENKA’s responsibilities began with mobilization work, the demolition of the existing building, the installation of piles along the perimeter of the excavation pit, and the development of the excavation pit together with the removal and utilization of the soil. The company went on to execute the construction of the solid reinforced concrete and steel structures and partitions, the installation of all necessary internal engineering and fire-fighting systems and a range of utility systems, and the internal and external finishing, encompassing the finishing of the facades, glazing, the layout and expansion of roads and the landscaping of the adjacent territory, the connection of the external utility lines and networks, and the commissioning of the project.


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