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Morine – Merdare Motorway – Route 7

The Morine to Merdare Kosovo Motorway allows the newly founded Kosovo, to become an important pillar at the center of Eastern Europe’s transport system, improving the economy and lives of Kosovo’s citizens; as the World Highway magazine mentioned in their article “Road to prosperity.” The Morine to Merdare Motorway spans from the Albanian border to the Serbian border, connecting Kosovo to the Trans-European Motorway and to the ports at Durres (in Albania). Connecting the newly founded country to the land and sea transportation grids in the region. It is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Government of Kosovo.

In April 2010, the Government of Kosovo authorized the construction of the 78 kilometres Route 7 motorway from Morine to just north of the capital city, Pristina. The construction began within a month of signing the contract. The first 38 kilometres part was completed in 18 months and project is fully completed in less than 44 months.

This east-west motorway serves as the centrepiece of Kosovo’s national transport system and promotes trade and development in Kosovo and throughout. It also improves road safety, and acts as an economic engine to increase investment in the country. The trade route created by the motorway will contribute to the economic integration of the countries from South-eastern Europe, Western Europe, and beyond.

The ENKA-Bechtel team earned two prestigious honors for its work on the Kosovo motorway. We won a Global Best Projects Award from Engineering News-Record magazine as well as the Program Management Award in the International Road Federation’s Global Road Achievement Awards program.

Project Description

Morine – Merdare, Route No:7

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
BECHTEL – ENKA Joint Venture (each 50 % share)
Directorate of Road Infrastructure Department Ministry of Transport and Communications Government of Kosovo
Key Quantities
Total Km 78 km
Total Interchange 11 ea
Total Underpass 27 ea
Total Overpass 31 ea
Total Bridge Length 3,334 m
Total Haul Road 110 km
Total Excavation 36 Million m³
Total Fill 14 Million m³
Total Concrete 392,000 m³
Total Pile 40,200 m
Total Drainage Pipe 95,432 m
Total Subbase&CTB 2,174,126 tons
Total Asphalt 764,000 tons
Project Duration
Start Date 12.04.2010
Finish Date 01.12.2013
Duration 45 Months


Morine – Merdare, Kosovo
  • The Sections 1,2,3 and part of the Section 4, making 38 kilometres altogether are completed in 18 months including all design and expropriation, with the highest standards of construction. This period is the shortest period of construction for a 38 kilometres motorway section built up-to-date
  • The project has implemented a world-class safety program and has developed strong working relationships with all stakeholders and communities that are involved and impacted by the project
  • The Project delivered the first 38 kilometres in 18 months with prompt mobilization of equipment and personnel, applied the quality management system and safety procedure, completed segments of the motorway earlier than scheduled dates and within budget and achieved all these with support of the Client.
  • Maximizing the local content is another target of the project. The maximum peak number of employees was 3,734 including subcontractors. 70% of the workforce is Kosovan.

The 2×2-carriageway motorway has a total length of 78 kilometres, runs through 6 important regions of Kosovo and strictly complies with European standards. The design speed is 120 km/h and there are 9 sections of the project.

The designers are EGIS (France) and IGH (Croatia). BEGP (Bechtel-ENKA General Partnership) is responsible for design management and for application of the design.

The works include construction of 15 bridges with a total length of 3,334 meters, of which the maximum length is 720 meters; construction of 58 over and underpasses; 36 million cubic meters of excavation; 14 million cubic meters of fill; 2.2 million tons of subbase and CTB; 392 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 764 thousand tons of asphalt.

All materials used for the construction are fully tested, independently verified and approved prior to procurement and installation. The project employs extensive formation for its staff, supervisors, foremen and craft to meet the quality requirements. The project also has developed and implemented a comprehensive ES&H Management Program in compliance with the highest international standards.

  • The largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by the Government of Kosovo
  • Engineering News Records (ENR) Magazine’s Global Best Competition 2013, “The Best Global Project Award” in the category of “Roads and Highways” around the world.
  • Honored with the Colossus of Chamber of Civil Engineering in Croatia awarded to the IGH for Outstanding Achievements in Transportation Highway Project, Morine to Merdare, Kosovo
  • Honored with the Bechtel Innovation Award, Borrow Haulage Management System
  • 2012 GRAA (Global Road Achievement Awards) Winner of the Program Management Category, selected by IRF (International Road Federation)
  • Honored with Green Footprint Awards in 2011, with the reduce/ recycle/ reuse campaign and environmental awareness and sustainability applications pioneered across Kosovo.


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