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Najybia 500 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

The Najybia Power Plant Project, located near Basrah, is part of a master plan developed and implemented by the Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity, to increase the power generation capacity in order to meet the country’s rapid growth in demand, following 25 years of war and lack of investment.

The project comprised engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up, for a 4 x 125 MW Power Generation Plant, to operate in simple cycle mode of operation with three types of fuel, Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and Light Distillate Oil, complete with all Balance of Plant systems, to support the safe and efficient operation of Combustion Turbine Generators units.

Project Description

Najybia 500 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Contract Type
Lump Sum Turn Key
Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up
Ministry of Electricity, Republic of Iraq
Key Quantities
Earthworks119,000 m3
Concrete102,000 m3
Piling69,000 lm
Structural Steel1,600 tons
A/G Piping1,600 tons
Cabling858,000 lm
Mech. Equipment9,400 tons
Insulation & Paint70,000 m²
Buildings6,638 m²
Project Duration
Start Date01.05.2013
Finish Date19.05.2015
Duration24 Months


Basrah, Iraq

The Najybia power plant is expected to address the growing demand for power in the country and supply uninterrupted electricity to the people of Iraq. Due to lack of infrastructure and availability of reliable natural gas supply in the region, the Plant was designed to function on three different types of fuel to ensure continuity of operations. Storage and distribution systems for the two liquid fuels were carefully designed by ENKA with appropriate design margins and redundancy requirements.

Project site is located on the northern part of Basrah province on the banks of Shatt Al Arab River in a relatively high populated area. ENKA, while executing the work, successfully managed cultural relations with locals to avoid any clashes and maintained good relations with its neighbors.

Location and high temperatures during summer months created unique challenges for the project workforce peaked at 1,400 people. ENKA set up and maintained a safe and high quality job site inclusive of a good camp and provided high quality catering services. A robust safety and security approach was deployed and implemented by ENKA throughout the project duration to protect our workforce, our customer, as well as the environment and communities surrounding the Project.

Project site was located on the banks of Shatt Al Arab River and surrounded by water canals. Weak soil conditions necessitated significant amount of piling for foundations. As part of the EPC Contract, ENKA through its piling specialist subsidiary Kasktaş installed Ø800 mm piles over 65,000 meters in total length.


ENKA has self performed the basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up and performance testing scope for the project utilizing in-house resources on a lump sum turn-key basis. Specific scope of services provided by ENKA included; complete basic and detailed design and engineering of the plant, supply of all balance of plant (BOP) systems and equipment, all civil works including GTG foundations and structural steel, fuel gas supply and regulating station, all HFO (raw, treated, certified) and LFO fuel tanks (2 ea x 9,050 m³, 2 ea x 4,540 m³, 2 ea x 1,125 m³, 2 ea x 3,245 m³ steel tanks), unloading, metering and fuel treatment systems, Auxiliary Boiler System, 400 kV and 132 kV GIS Systems with step-up transformers, MV and LV Substation with auxiliary transformers, instrument and plant air supply systems, Black Start and Emergency Diesel Generators, Fire protection, detection, alarm and extinguishing systems, water storage, pre-treatment and demineralization plant, waste collection and treatment system, batteries and UPS System, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, overhead cranes and maintenance hoists, power plant distributed control system (DCS), complete piping and field instrumentation, mechanical and electrical erection, complete civil and structural works, supply of spare parts, and start-up and commissioning of the plant. ENKA further provided training for the O&M personnel who will be operating and maintaining the plant.

  • 1 million work-hours without a Lost Time Incident.
  • Achieved 40% Iraqi content on direct project work-hours.
  • On schedule completion of the project provided Iraqis in Basra and on the national grid with more hours of electricity per day.
  • Part of largest power investment (Mega Deal) by Iraqi government in the post war era.
Type of PlantSimple Cycle Power Plant
Capacity500 MW
Type of FuelHeavy fuel oil (HFO) is used as main fuel for CTG operation whereas; fuel gas
and light distillate oil (LDO) are used as back-up fuels.
Configuration4 x 125 MW
Gas Turbine GeneratorGeneral Electric, Unit: 4 Sets, Model: 9E Model, Rating Per Unit: 125 MW


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