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Oued Athmania Dam and Water Treatment Plant

The construction of the dam project started in August 2002. The dam reservoir is located at thirty km northwest of the Constantine Province, in the Mila City in East Algeria and was a part of the master project named “Transfer of Beni Haroun” which aimed to transfer the water collected from Beni Haroun and Bou Siaba towards the six cities of Batna, Kenchela, Mila, Oum El Bouaghi, Constantine and Jijel where the demand for drinking water and agricultural irrigation water has been rapidly increasing.

The dam has a height of 44 metres, a length of 630 metres, and a reservoir capacity of 33.6 million cubic metres. It has a combined concrete tunnel and 313 metres long, derivation gallery. The derivation gallery is able to drain the water with a maximum flow rate of 60 cubic metres/second. The pipeline capacity is 4 cubic metres/second for the drinking water and 2.5 cubic metres/second for the irrigation water. The contract included civil engineering works as well as the design, supply, erection, and start-up of the hydraulic, electric and control equipment.

The dam was completed in April 2007, together with the additional projects.

Project Description

Oued Athmania Dam

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
ENKA – Degremont Consortium
Ministry of Water Resources – National Agency of Dams
Key Quantities
Excavation1,000,000 m³
Fill2,400,000 m³
Concrete30,000 m³
Project Duration
Start Date01.08.2002
Finish Date01.03.2007
Duration55 Months


Oued Athmenia, Constantine, Algeria
  • Soil in the region consists of high plasticity clay and under natural conditions it was impossible to use it as a fill material in an earthwork dam according to the specifications. For this reason, special treatment method was developed and used by engineers to use clay in earthwork filling.

The water treatment plant was awarded to ENKA and Degremont (France) consortium in December 2004. ENKA’s scope of construction works included detail design, material supply, civil and structural construction of the Water Treatment Plant as well as the leakage tests of the structures. The design, supply, erection and start-up of the raw water supply pipeline were also included in ENKA’s scope of works.  The major work items are 1 million cubic metres of excavation, 2.4 million cubic metres of filling, 30 thousand cubic metres of concrete, 40 thousand metres of drilling and injection.

The Oued Athmenia Dam Project involves the construction and start-up of the dam reservoir and its annex structures as well as the procurement and installation of hydraulic and electrical equipment in Algeria’s Athmenia-Mila region. As of December 2004, the complete hydro mechanical design works, which were manufactured in Turkey, has been accepted by the administration. The electrical design works are in the final stage before completion. The project is planned to be completed in September 2005. At the end of 2004, the completion rate in terms of progress payments was about 83% and the number of personnel, including Turkish and local employees was 269. The final phase was completed in September 2007 as scheduled.

The plant has a capacity of 270 thousand cubic metres of treated water per day.

Major work items entailed 255 thousand cubic metres of excavation, 205 thousand cubic metres of filling, 10.5 thousand metres of jet grouting, 1 thousand metres of piling, 50 thousand cubic metres of concrete, 5.5 thousand tons of rebar, 94 thousand sq. m. of formwork and 500 m of raw water pipeline with 1.6 thousand mm diameter steel pipes.

DamHeight (m) x Length (m)44 x 600
TunnelsSection (mxm) x length(m)7.5 x 5.5 x 270
Section (mxm) x length(m)3.25 x 3.25 x 600
ShaftsDiameter (m) x Depth (m)Dia2.6 x 25
CavernsSize (mxmxm)15 x 25 x 12
Depth (m)Length (m)870
Shaft LiningsDepth (m)25
Steel Liners for Pressure TunnelsDiameter (m) x Length (m)Dia 2.7-2.4-1.6 x 184

  • Provided much needed water from Beni Haroun and Bou Siaba to the six cities of Batna, Kenchela, Mila, Oum El Bouaghi, Constantine and Jijel, where demand for drinking water and agricultural irrigation water had increased rapidly at the time.


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