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Prishtine – Hani I Elezit Motorway – Route 6

Design and construction of 65 km motorway with dual carriageway starts from Ibrahim Rugova Route 7 Motorway connection, passes close to the major cities of Lipjan, Babushi, Ferizaj, Doganaj, Kacanik, Hani I Elezit and connects to the Macedonian Border. This new motorway will grant access to the Greek ports making Kosovo a logistical hub in the Eastern Europe as well as linking Prishtine (the capital of Kosovo) to Skopje (the capital of Macedonia). In 2014, the agreement was signed between the Government of Kosovo and Bechtel-ENKA General Partnership. Upon completion, the motorway project will have 20 bridges, 35 overpasses and underpasses and 8 intersections.

The project creates great job opportunities for the locals as well as foreigners. Local and foreign employees are actively participating in the project both as manual and non-manual workers. By the end of November 30, 2016, over 9.5 million work hours have been reached. Excluding subcontractors, maximum number of employees is forecasted to be 2,000, 75% of whom are local workers. Local workforce acquires craft skilles through project trainings. Additionally, all employees attend various trainings in Environment, Safety & Health.

6 km of motorway was opened to traffic in 2015, and an additional 19 km in 2016.

Project Description

Prishtine – Hani I Elezit, Route No:6

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
BECHTEL & ENKA Joint Venture (each 50 % share)
Ministry of Infrastructure The Government of the Republic of Kosovo
Key Quantities
Total Km 65 km
Total Interchange 8 ea
Total Underpass 19 ea
Total Overpass 19 ea
Total Bridge Length 37,990 m
Total Haul Road 97 km
Total Excavation 11 Million m³
Total Fill 9.8 Million m³
Total Concrete 583,000 m³
Total Pile 67,000 lm
Total Drainage Pipe 147,300 m
Total Subbase&CTB 1,240,000 tons
Total Asphalt 606,000 tons
Total Guardrail 163,000 m
Total Fence 212,000 m²
Project Duration
Start Date 01.07.2014
Finish Date 01.06.2019
Duration 60 Months


Prishtine – Hani I Elezit, Kosovo
  • Alignment of the Route 6 Motorway Section 3 crosses many mountainous terrains and cliffs. Due to the complex geology on the terrain and deeper soil investigation requirements, geotechnical investigations are being carried out with complete attention by a number of teams performing extensive investigations
  • Climate conditions are of a big concern. During March 2016, despite the heavy rainfall, the project team proceeded with its construction works associated with utility relocation as well as earthworks, structures, drainage, surveying, finishing, and manufacture & operations departments
  • The project management is working with the employer, ministries and municipalities to assist in the issuing of all permits and licenses that are required for the project and has received the Construction Permit for up to the 45.5 kilometer mark, which is considered as a significant milestone. The project management team continues to meet with members from the employer and ministries to advance the expropriation process and move forward as efficiently as possible to gain possession of the site
  • Utilities along the project are also one of the challenges. The utility lines have been investigated and identified on site. There exist high voltage lines, power lines and various sewage, water supply and irrigation lines. The design and relocation of some utility crosses underneath the motorway have been completed while others have commenced
  • It is one of ENKA’s goals to build a strong quality culture on the Project and train the personnel to ensure that quality and safety are part of their everyday activities
  • ENKA also values strong relations with the media since the project is of a great importance for Kosovo and neighboring countries. Representatives of media companies are hosted and taken to site visits, this further enhances awareness of the Project among the people.

ENKA, according to the contract, will design, execute and complete the construction works. ENKA, as the Design/Build Contractor, is responsible for completion of the design in accordance with the required European Standards and Specifications. For this Project, the Trans-European North-South Motorway (TEM) Standards will be used for the design.

Construction works of the project includes 20 million cubic meters of excavation, 11 million cubic meters of fill, 674 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 156 thousand meters of drainage pipe, 610 thousand tons of asphalt, sub-base and CTB of 1.9 million tons, 20 bridges, 39 overpasses and underpasses and 8 intersections. To date, 86 box culverts and pipe culverts, 19 underpasses, 3 viaducts and 16 overpasses, 11 million cubic meters of excavation, 3.5 million cubic meters of embankment have been completed.


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