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Prishtine – Hani I Elezit Motorway – Route 6

The Bechtel-ENKA General Partnership (BEGP) signed the construction contract of the Pristina-Hani i Elezit Motorway in Kosovo with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Government of Kosovo in July 2014.
The 65 km dual-carriageway motorway is a part of the Southeast Europe Core Road Network, in which it is referred to as Route 6. The project links Kosovo’s capital Pristina to Hani i Elezit on the Macedonian border. The motorway is expected to have significant strategic and economic benefits. Kosovo is connected to Skopje and has gained access to Corridor 10, facilitating its trade with the rest of the world. The economic benefits will not be limited to Kosovo. The motorway is part of a European network of roads and is expected to contribute to economic integration throughout the region.

The project envisaged the construction of 65 km of 2×2- lane motorway, designed in three sections. The first two sections of the motorway have a platform width of 27.5 m in fill sections and 29.3 m in cut sections. For the third section, which is located in a mountainous region, the platform width is reduced to 25.0 m in fill sections and 26.8 m in cut sections. The geometrical specifications of the motorway are in line with both Trans-European Motorway (TEM) standards and Croatian standards while the design is compliant with European standards. Construction works were completed in accordance with the 2001 General Technical Requirements (GTR) of the Croatian Road Authority.

The Bechtel-ENKA General Partnership (BEGP) completed the construction of the Pristina-Hani i Elezit Motorway in Kosovo on May 29th 2019. The employer has requested additional works which are to be carried out in 2020.

Project Description

Prishtine – Hani I Elezit, Route No:6

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
BECHTEL & ENKA Joint Venture (each 50 % share)
Ministry of Infrastructure The Government of the Republic of Kosovo
Key Quantities
Total Length65 km
Total Bridge13 ea (7,920 m)
Total Overpass20 ea
Total Underpass19 ea
Total Interchange8 ea
Total box and pipe culverts258 ea
Total Excavation19 million m³
Total Earth and rock filling10.7 million m³
Total Concrete561,000 m³
Total Subbase & CTB740,000 m³
Total Asphalt610,000 tons
Total Active and passive anchoring200,000 m
Total Pile70,000 m
Total Guardrail166 km
Project Duration
Start Date21.07.2014
Finish Date01.12.2020
Duration78 Months


Prishtine – Hani I Elezit, Kosovo
  • Alignment of the Route 6 Motorway Section 3 crosses many mountainous terrains and cliffs. Due to the complex geology on the terrain and deeper soil investigation requirements, geotechnical investigations are being carried out with complete attention by a number of teams performing extensive investigations. 19 million m3 of excavation with deepest point 62 m and 11 million m3 of embankments with highest point 24 m were performed during the construction.
  • 13 bridges, totaling 8 km were constructed with 1,777 precast, prestressed, posttensioned and hybrid type of beams. 312 thousand m3 of concrete and 70 thousand meter of piles were placed during the construction of bridges. Due to challenging and mountainous terrain, a 5.75 km meter long Lepence Bridge was constructed along a deep narrow valley accommodating Lepence River and Souther Part of Route 10 Railway Track Line. Design and construction of the bridge including very detailed geotechnical investigation is completed in 18 months.
  • Due to the complex geology on the terrain and deeper soil investigation requirements, geotechnical investigations, including 16,000 meter of boreholes, were carried out with complete attention by a number of teams performing extensive investigations. 200 thousand meter of active and passive anchors with different thickness of shotcrete works have been performed in order to stabilize deep cut slopes along the alignment.
  • Climate conditions were of a big concern. During March 2016, despite the heavy rainfall, the project team proceeded with its construction works associated with utility relocation as well as earthworks, structures, drainage, surveying, finishing, and manufacture & operations
  • Utilities along the project were also one of the challenges. The utility lines had been investigated and identified on site. There existed high voltage lines, power lines and various sewage, water supply and irrigation lines. The design and relocation of some utility crosses underneath the motorway had been completed while others had commenced. 350 utility lines have been relocated and handed over to local authorities and service providers on behalf of the Employer.

The lump sum contract made BEGP responsible for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the overall project.

In addition to completed Pristina-Hani I Elezit Motorway, the client requested to incorporate 2 interchanges and 1 overpass to the BEGP’s scope by extending the contract until December 1st 2020.


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