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Ankara – Gerede Motorway Project

The Gerede-Ankara and Ankara Peripheral motorway project is one of the largest infrastructure development projects in Turkey. The total length of the motorway is 230 km. It forms a significant part of the Trans-European motorway (TEM). As a major link to the Trans-European Motorway connecting Europe with Iran, the motorway is vital for transporting goods to and from Middle-Eastern markets. The six- to eight-lane high-speed toll way was built in two sections. The first section, a six-lane, 115-kilometre segment, connects the capital, Ankara, with the town of Gerede; the second is an eight-lane, 115-kilometre beltway circling Ankara. It goes through terrain with very difficult and complex geological formations and has been designed in accordance with the highest world standards and specifications.

The project has been executed with a peak manpower of 6,296. This includes the resources and expertise of local contracting companies employed as subcontractors. Plant and equipment to the total value of US$ 130 Million has been used on the project. Resulting highway system is critical to Turkey’s future economic standing, providing the final link for freight and other road traffic between Istanbul, Turkey’s European port, and Ankara. The Ankara-Gerede Motorway demonstrates our ability to provide everything from crushed rock to sophisticated financing for successful completion to Client requirements.

ENKA assisted the client to facilitate US EXIM Bank financing for the project.

Project Description

Gerede-Ankara & Ankara Peripheral Motorway

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Contruction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
ENKA & Bechtel Joint Venture (50 %)
Ministry of Public Works – General Directorate of Highways – TCK
Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Kutlutas Joint Venture
Key Quantities
Total Km 230 km
Total Interchange 20 ea
Total Underpass 33 ea
Total Overpass 30 ea
Total Bridge Length 4,237 m
Total Haul Road 345 km
Total Excavation 163 Million m³
Total Fill 117 Million m³
Total Concrete 1,240,000 m³
Total Pile 24,185 m
Total Drainage Pipe 450,000 m
Total Subbase&CTB 16,500,000 tons
Total Asphalt 5,100,000 tons
Project Duration
Start Date 01.01.1987
Finish Date 01.05.1999
Duration 150 Months


Gerede-Ankara, Turkey

Building the motorway was a challenge. In some sections the road reached heights of 1.5 kilometres above sea level and yet our team excavated more than 163 million cubic meters of earth and rock. At peak, excavation reached 6.5 million cubic meters on August 1990. There was 16.2 million cubic meters of embankment, and 4.7 million cubic meters of embankment was accomplished as a peak on August 1990. At the same time, 1.24 million cubic meters of concrete was poured for the project and 107 thousand of ton rebar were installed, which includes 63 overpasses and underpasses, 25 bridges and viaducts and 560 box culverts. Most of the bridges are of standard design consisting of concrete piers and precast/pre-stressed concrete U-beams. 5.1 million tons of asphalt was placed and over 332 thousand tons of asphalt was the record on August 1991. The quantity of crushed aggregate was exceeded on 31 million tons.

The alignment traversed rugged terrain, in some places reaching heights of 1.5 kilometres above sea level. Our team mobilized almost 1,500 pieces of heavy construction equipment to accomplish work under difficult weather conditions, including rain that turned fresh excavations into lakes.

Our team of international professionals brought the following experience and capabilities to the Ankara–Gerede Motorway project:

  • Complex, megaproject delivery
  • Maintaining schedule while traversing remote, rigorous terrain
  • Recruitment, training, and maintaining of a large local workforce and deployment of mobile camps
  • Coordination between multiple work sites
  • Timely handling of significant quantities of excavation, backfill, concrete and steel at multi-project locations
  • Movement of heavy equipment as necessary.

The alignment forms a significant part of the Trans-European Motorway (TEM). This part of the Motorway system passes between Gerede and Ankara and around the city of Ankara. It goes through terrain with very difficult and complex geological formations and has been designed in accordance with the highest world standards and specifications. ENKA has executed this project with a peak manpower of 6,296. This includes the resources and expertise of local contracting companies employed as subcontractors.

Within the integrated JV, ENKA provided on-site management and supervision, engineering, cost and schedule control, procurement, quality assurance/control, testing and start-up, and environmental mitigation.

The scope also included licensing and permit applications, utility and drainage system relocation, technology transfer, and public outreach, including the management of almost $100 million in specialty subcontractors for the Government. With almost 6,000 Turkish workers, it was one of our largest international direct-hire jobs.

Construction works consist of 163 million cubic meters of excavation, 117 million cubic meters of fill, 1.2 million cubic meters of concrete, 24 thousand meters of pile, 450 thousand meters of drainage pipe, 16.5 million tons of subbase & CTB and 5.1 million tons of asphalt.

As with all our projects, ENKA implemented its ‘Zero Accidents’ safety policy. Our Lost-Time Injury rate for the project was 0.98 for a total of 27,449,339 staff-hours worked.

Daily Peak Monthly Peak Yearly Peak
Excavation 09.07.1990 257,665 Aug-90 6,472,551 1990 41,625,083
Fill 21.09.1990 211,165 Aug-90 4,708,633 1990 27,657,105
Concrete 24.09.1990 1,875 Aug-90 36,095 1990 377,676
Rebar tons 07.09.1990 131 Aug-90 3,265 1990 27,672
Subbase& CTB 13.07.1991 19,500 Aug-91 424,897 1991 2,029,137
Asphalt tons 02.09.1991 15,232 Aug-91 332,182 1991 1,314,801

  • Almost 230 kilometres
  • Six to eight lanes
  • One of the largest single construction projects ever undertaken in Turkey
  • Almost 6,000 Turkish employees
  • Financing package named the ‘Deal of Year’ by Euromoney Trade Finance
  • 27.4 million staff-hours worked
  • Integration of tasks and hands-on training for local field personnel for an effective workforce that kept costs low.


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