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Baghdad Besmaya 1,500 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

The Baghdad Electrical Power Station – Besmaya Project is an EPC contract undertaken and executed by ENKA, on a turn-key basis, covering engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up and performance testing.

The contract, signed in September 2014 between ENKA and Mass Energy Group Holding Ltd., comprised the first phase of the project, namely a 1,500 MW gas fired Combined Cycle Power Plant including all the infrastructure and enables the future extension of the capacity to 3,000 MW.

The power plant is located in Besmaya, 25 km south east of Baghdad.

Phase-1, configured as 2 blocks of 2 x 2 x 1 combined cycle (1,500 MW), has been designed and executed to make 1,000 MW available for commercial operation as a simple cycle mode by the end of 2016 and to add 500 MW with a steam cycle by the end of 2017.

The simple cycle part of the plant consists of four GE-9F- 3 Gas Turbines, all auxiliaries and associated balance of the plant equipment.

The combined cycle part of the plant consists of 4 Heat Recovery Steam Generators including surface type condensers, 2 nominal rated 250 MW steam turbine generators, 2 wet type mechanical draft cooling towers and all the requisite equipment and systems for a safe, reliable and efficient combined cycle power generating facility.

Project Description

Baghdad Besmaya 1,500 MW CC Power Plant – EPCC

  • Design & Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Testing & Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Contract Type
Lump Sum Turn Key
Scope of Work
Design and Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up, and Performance Testing
MASS Group Holding Ltd.
ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Key Quantities
Earthworks300,000 m³
Concrete60,000 m³
Structural Steel9,000 tons
A/G Piping3,000 tons
Cabling1,000,000 lm
Mech. Equipment35,000 tons
Field Erected Tanks2,500 tons
Project Duration
Start Date01.10.2014
Finish Date23.02.2018
Duration41 Months


Baghdad, Iraq

The Project is being designed as a world-class power generation facility utilizing the latest technology in the market. Appropriate level of redundancy is included in each system so that no single failure of an auxiliary plant component shall result in the total loss of the unit generating capability. ENKA’s engineering team is deliberately working on the plant design to satisfy all of Owner’s needs and mitigating design criteria changes due to unforeseen factors.

The city of Baghdad suffered significant damage for the last several decades and just yet rebuilding its infrastructure. It is not possible to rely on the existing infrastructure in the area. Therefore, ENKA has established a self-sufficient temporary construction facilities complex at the jobsite to sustain construction works without any disruption or interruption.

One of the major challenges of the project is to work in a social environment suffering civil violence and instability. ENKA has prepared and is implementing a robust security plan based on risk avoidance through careful planning and defensive protection measures. ENKA’s approach to security consists of; good community relations, counter-measures to reduce the risk by deterring, detecting or delaying the threat, and extra mitigation measures should any incident occur. The aim of our security system is to provide a secure environment for staff, operators and subcontractors
through the effective use of counter-measures, while remaining sympathetic to the facility‘s operation, layout and the environmental restrictions.

Over 60,000 tons of project materials and equipment will be shipped to the jobsite through congested Umm Qasr port and partially northern routes. Significant planning and route surveys are required for the successful transportation of oversized cargo. The compliance with frequently changing Iraqi customs regulations and bureaucracy involved in timely customs clearance of goods is a major challenge. ENKA shall leverage its vast experience in Iraq to clear all project cargo without any disputes with customs authorities with careful planning and strictly adhering to the laws and requirements.


ENKA’s scope of work consists of design, detailed engineering, procurement, shipment/delivery of all project materials (excluding Gas Turbine Generators), installation and construction, interconnection, pre-commissioning, commissioning & start up, demonstration of parallel operation with the grid at the required net output, performance testing, training of the operating and maintenance personnel, and preparation of integrated operation and maintenance manuals according to the division of works for the Power Plant.

The simple cycle part of the plant will be made up of 4 each GE 9F 3-series gas turbines and all auxiliaries. The combined cycle part of the plant will consist of four Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), two nominally rated 250 MW steam turbine generators (STG) incl. condensers, nine GSUs, two wet cooling towers, and all the requisite equipment and systems to make the resultant plant a safe, reliable, efficient combined cycle power generating facility.

  • 1 million workhours without a lost time incident to date (September 2015)
  • The project will help addressing the urgent power needs of Baghdad and improve the living conditions in the Iraqi capital and surroundings.
Type of PlantCombined Cycle Power Plant
Capacity1,500 MW
Type of FuelPrimary: Fuel Gas, Back up: Diesel
Gas Turbine GeneratorGeneral Electric, Unit: 4 Sets, Model: 9FA.03, Rating Per Unit: 265 MW
Steam Turbine GeneratorGeneral Electric, Unit: 2 Sets, Model: D200 33.5’’ LSB, Rating Per Unit: 250 MW
HRSGCMI, Unit: 4 Sets, Type: Vertical – 2 Stages-HP, LP, with diverter damper and by-pass
stack (101.48kg/s at 536.53C Rating: 7.08kg/s at 242.16C)
Cooling TypeCombination of Fin Fan Coolers and Wet Cooling Tower Wet Cooling Tower Capacity
(12,626 kg/s, 14 cells)


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