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Yajva Combined Cycle Power Plant

The Yajva Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plant Project consisted of a single shaft Siemens 1xSCC5-4000F-1S Power Train comprising of a Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Generator and Condenser, a vertical natural circulation type un-fired boiler manufactured by CMI as well as all auxiliary equipment such as steam / water cycle, a water treatment plant, controls systems, electrical systems, instrumentation, gas compressors, an administration building, a natural draft cooling tower and a 220 kV switchyard.

ENKA was selected as the EPC contractor by the Owner.

Best Project in the Power/Industrial category

The Project has been awarded the Best Project in “Global Best Projects Competition 2013”, organized by Engineering News Records (ENR).

Project Description

411 MW Yajva Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Contract Type
Lump Sum Turn Key
Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up
E.ON Russia
ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Key Quantities
Earthworks50,000 m³
Structural Concrete11,426 m³
Piling1,078 ea
Structural Steel Erection3,074 tons
Piping Prefabrication & Erection959 tons
Cabling357,000 m
Conduits, Cable Trays, Ladders19,000 m
Terminations61,305 ea
Main Equipment Installation5,906 tons
Other Equipment Installation249 tons
Siding & Roofing22,964 m2
Insulation & Paint6,000 m²
Buildings2,774 m²
Project Duration
Start Date15.07.2008
Finish Date01.08.2011
Duration37 Months


Yajva District, Perm Region, Russian Federation

Yajva CCPP Project represent a first within the “Privatization and Reform” program of the Russian Federation consisting of power plant projects with new generation capacity in excess of 24,000 MWe in total. This strategic investment for the Owner had an aggressive EPC schedule which included development and approval of the design documentation (to meet TEO, concept, P Stage and Glavgosekspertiza requirements), in other terms full compliance with Russian standards and norms of the project’s technical designs and documents. Under these circumstances, ENKA’s project team did not have any options for rework or recovery from an error during the execution of the project. Committed to delivering the project on time, and with the highest quality, the Team quickly mobilized, planned and managed this challenging initiative working closely with the Owner as a true project partner consistently responding to their concerns and preferences, as well as complying with the local norms and regulations.

Main plant equipment were manufactured according to European standards and needed approval for compliance with Russian standards and norms. ENKA established a Russian documentation team, in the early stages of the project, working closely with the Owner on applications for various certifications such as Rostechnadzor (RTN) for conformity and permit to use.

Remote location of Project and the climate effects on heavy transportation was also one of the major challenges, considering the river channels to be used for equipment transport are open only between May and October. Further, the heavy equipment had to be road transported for 50 km from the unloading point to the jobsite.

ENKA with its vast work experience in the Russian Federation, prepared a transportation plan together with a local design institute, in the early stage of the project, having all local authorities involved, in order to avoid any setbacks during operation.

During construction, unconventional erection methods utilized to gain schedule advantage. For instance, majority of the HRSG building structural steel erection was completed earlier than the erection of the HRSG itself consuming more man-hours and utilization of larger size cranes, however in return provided one month gain in schedule. For any material with delayed deliveries, alternatives were investigated and second orders were placed. Flexibility in work order was applied during start-up and commissioning of facilities.

In the end, the Facility was commissioned and handed over to E.ON Russia right on the original contract schedule and price, without any claims, without any Lost Time Incident (LTI) and in full compliance with international and applicable Russian norms, standards and permits.


ENKA’s scope as the EPC contractor of the Yajva Combined Cycle Power Plant Project covered all the works including permitting, engineering, procurement, construction, start-up, testing and commissioning of the plant. ENKA workforce reached to 860 people during the peak periods of the Project. ENKA further provided training for the O&M personnel who will be operating and maintaining the plant.

  • 2.03 million workhours without a Lost Time Incident
  • ENKA with this project, has been awarded the Best Global Project Prize in the Power & Industrial category in 2013 Global Best Projects competition of the renowned Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine
  • The Project was completed before the original contract schedule, within original budget as well as in full compliance with international and applicable Russian norms and standards consequently yielding to world class quality and full satisfaction of the Owner
  • The Project is the first extension to the Yajva Power Plant since 1965 and increased its capacity to 1,036 MW
  • First SIEMENS F Class Turbine commissioned in Russian Federation with one of the nation’s best operating records.
Type of PlantCombined Cycle Power Plant
Capacity411 MW
Type of FuelNatural Gas
Gas Turbine GeneratorSiemens, Unit: 1 Set, Model: SGTF5-4000F, Rating Per Unit: 300 MW
Steam Turbine GeneratorSiemens, Unit: 1 Set, Model: SST5-3000, Rating Per Unit: 125 MW
HRSGCMI, Unit: 1 Set, Type: Vertical Natural Circulation type Un-fired boiler, 2567520 kg/h
Cooling TypeWet type mechanical draft Cooling Tower(12,626 kg/s, 14 cells)


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